Radar takes immense pride in creating the most comfortable fitting performance vests in the world. Whether you are wearing a Coast Guard Approved, CE Approved, or their impact jackets, we want to ensure you have something that fits you correctly. By utilizing premium materials and thought out cut lines we have created vests that bend and flex with you, resulting in a better experience on the water.


Tailored Fit

Radar designs their vests to fit better by building them around a body form. This ensures that you get a snug, comfortable fit so you can think less about adjusting your vest and more about skiing.


Tapered Foam

By tapering the foam from thick in the chest to thin in the waist they can control the mobility you have in a vest. This allows you to remain flexible and limber in all Radar vests.


Siped Foam

Siping foam is what allows you to remain so free in a vest. This method of cutting the foam gives the skier more agility to move without restriction.


Smart Segmentation

The segmentation they choose in each vest is purposeful to enhance movement on a ski. Allowing a skier to move through a run is at our forefront when choosing cut lines.


Water Resistant Liner

Utilizing a water resistant liner in all Radar vests gives them the ability to dry faster so you’re not stuck with a wet life vest when it’s your turn to ski again.


Stretch Fabric

Radar builds their vests with a combination of 2 and 4 way stretch materials so that they can keep them snug where they need to hold tight and stretch where they need to have elasticity.


Fleece Liner

The use of fleece in the arms and neck openings of their kid’s vests ensure that they won’t get chafing on those tender areas and the fleece lining throughout the inside of the Drifter guarantees a comfortable fit.

August 15, 2021 — Jason McClintock