2024 Lyric w/ Lyric boot + Lyric ARTP

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2024 RADAR Lyric (Size)
2024 RADAR Lyric Boot (Size)

2024 Lyric w/ Lyric boot + Lyric ARTP - 63" / Small is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

2024 Lyric:

The Lyric is engineered specifically for the first lady of the water. We utilize a lighter weight carbon on the inside making the finished product softer and easier to turn. Ladies - rip on the Lyric between 26-34 MPH and have fun making effortless turns.

2024 Lyric Boot:

Built on the Feather Frame and shaped after the Vector Boot, the Lyric is internally softer, with less volume for a lady’s smaller footprint. Slide easily into great ankle support without foot cramps.