2024 Girls TRA w/ Lyric boot + Lyric ARTP

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2024 RADAR Lyric Boot (Size)
2024 RADAR Girl's Total Radar Awesomeness (Size)

2024 Girls TRA w/ Lyric boot + Lyric ARTP - Small / 63" is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

2024 Girls TRA:

The T.R.A. has girls ripping open water and excelling through the slalom course. We’re so stoked with the ski’s popularity and how easy kids are making turns and crossing the wakes! Any young ripper is guaranteed to improve riding the new T.R.A. and it finds its groove at 20-34 MPH!

2024 Lyric boot + Lyric ARTP:

Built on the Feather Frame and shaped after the Vector Boot, the Lyric is internally softer, with less volume for a lady’s smaller footprint. Slide easily into great ankle support without foot cramps.