RADAR Vapor Mainline - 9-section

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Tournament approved and ready for every game of tug of war you throw at it.

We at McClintock's recommend the Knotless Loops, here's why:  

The Knotless Loops - is fully linked together and allows you to slide the loop larger to place it securely on the pylon with no way to put the wrong loop on.

The Traditional Loops - is what you see more often, where the sections of rope are looped into each other connecting the rope together.  With this system it is important to make sure you put the correct loop on the pylon (ex. if you are shortening to yellow/14.25m/28off you need to make sure the yellow is connected to the pylon and not the orange part that connects to the yellow.  While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this type of rope it's just important to make sure that it is connected to the pylon properly to avoid injury.

  • 80 Strand Double Woven Fiber
  • Pre-Stretched
  • 9 Sections
  • Silicone ID Sleeves
  • Color Coded Sections
  • Knotless Loops or Traditional loops